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Hanam Quintet

Improvised chamber music

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Horst Nonnenmacher - Bass
Alison Blunt - Violin
Manuel Miethe - Soprano Saxophone
Anna Kaluza - Alto Saxophone
Niko Meinhold - Piano/Toypiano
Website: http: //instant-music. net/haman. html

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An enthusiastic review of the last Berlin gig in June 2011:

“I heard the band the first time at Fincan and I was amazed by the expressive but fine developed music. At first it appears to be introverted to a certain point. It is somewhat different to 'normal' free jazz. Fine lines maybe inspired from composers like Nono or Scelsi merge into delicate soundscapes with the subtle use of a large vocabulary of extended techniques a la Lachenmann or Ligeti. But the sound ideal is not at all limited to music of the 20th century, their sound is both playful and sophisticated. The communication is on a high level due to quick reactions, good empathy and a similar understanding of taste in the band. But then again it might happen, that Niko bangs a rude cluster on the toypiano..

I have never heard a better ensemble at Fincan!”

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