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Composers' Orchestra Berlin

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Homepage: composersorchestraberlin.com

Free-Range Musik: Ein Orchester dessen Spieler zugleich Komponisten sind. Jedes Stück überrascht, erzählt Geschichten, und schafft einen genreübergreifenden Raum in dem unterschiedliche Stile – Klassik, Jazz, Weltmusik, Pop oder Neue Musik – kombiniert werden.

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The Composers’ Orchestra Berlin consists of strings, horns and rhythm section. The members of the orchestra are not only improvising instrumentalists, but are also the composers. Coming from a wide variety of musical backgrounds - from classical to jazz and from folk to free- together they are developing a brand-new and innovative orchestral repertoire.
Stylistic freedom is key... the music written for this band has no exclusion zones. Our mandate is to combine elements from all possible styles to create music which is truly free-range and to have that music performed by top-class creative players.