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feat. Blackbyrd McKnight (g), Gman Sullivan (dr)

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SHOCKA ZOOLOO steht für pure Energie, die ihre Kraft aus den Wurzeln der afrikanischen Musik beziehen und sie nahezu magisch mit modernen Elementen des Metal-Rock verbinden. Immer wenn diese „Zooloo-Krieger“ auf der Bühne stehen wird es heiß, im wahrsten Sinne – geraten Musiker und Publikum in Trance-ähnliche Zustände – Shocka Zooloo ist die ultimative TM STEVENS-SHOW!!

Flagge englisch Flagge englisch TM STEVENS SHOCKA ZOOLOO (USA)

The skills and abilities of TM STEVENS as a bassist and singer are legegendary worldwide already.He is one of the most colourfull personalities amongst the present bass players.

He combines incredible energy with a mind-blowing stage presence and gets hold of his audience in the shortest possible time.His wild,but also melodical way to control the bass is as unique as his charismatic personality.TM STEVENS is considered as the founder of the new musical style HMF(Heavy Metal Funk).He worked

for James Brown,Joe Cocker,Tina Turner,Steve Vai,Cyndi Lauper,Little Steven,Billy Joel and The Pretenders.His bass lines can be heard on the hit song “Unchain my Heart” from Joe Cocker.On the so called world tour he stood beside him on all the big stages wordwide and left a strongly impression to the audiences.He breakthrough happened with James Brown.He was participating on both hit-albums “Gravity” and“Living in America” and sang the Nr.1 hit “Living in America” together with him.He also worked with the legendary Miles Davis and with John McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra.He toured with Blues-Maniac Jean-Paul Bourelly and the drummer John Blackwell from Prince and with the Headhunters,with Cindy Blackman(Lenny Kravitz) and Kat Dyson(Prince) and of course with his own project SHOCKA ZOOLOO BAND.Shocka Zooloo is pure energy,receives its power from the african music and combines it with the the modern elements of Metal-Rock and Funk.Always,when the Zooloo warriors are on stage it gets hot in the proper meaning of the word and musicians and audience turn out into a trance-related status.SHOCKA ZOOLOO is the ultimative TM STEVENS SHOW!Lets rock!!