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Transorient Orchestra

Transorient Orchestra

"der orient beginnt im ruhrgebiet"

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Das Transorient Orchestra ist ein 2003 gegründetes Projekt, geleitet von Andreas Heuser.
Es vereint einige der kreativsten und erfahrendsten, im kulturellen Schmelztiegel Ruhrgebiet ansässigen MusikerInnen der Weltmusik-Szene, mit vielfältigen musikalischen und kulturellen Wurzeln

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The "Transorient Orchestra", founded in 2003, is the latest musical project led by Andreas Heuser.

It brings together some of the most creative and experienced musicians from the thriving world-music scene which has established itself in the cultural melting pot that is the Ruhr Area. Their roots are in Germany, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, White Russia and Sweden: more than 15 highly individual musicians joined together in one fresh and exciting sounding bigband.

The "Transorient Orchestra" impressively manages to bridge the gap between East and West, between tradition and contemporary. Musical influences as diverse as from the Balkans, Arabic and Turkey are taken up and mixed with western jazz and groove elements; century old traditionals are turned into new multi-facetted musical gems. The "Transorient Orchestra" presents mystic ballads as well as rhythmically complex, engaging up-tempo tracks with overwhelming improvisational playfulness giving each of the musicians a chance to show off their highly individual skills. It takes the listener on a gripping and capturing musical journey between East and West.

In 2006 Transorient Orchestras first CD "Karadeniz" was reöeased (Yaboa Music 1005).