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Perkussion & Posaunen

Perkussion & Posaunen

Kammermusik mit hohem Unterhaltungswert

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Stücke mit lateinamerikanischen, jazzigen bzw. Blueselementen werden besonders durch das Schlagzeug und verschiedene Perkussionsinstrumente geprägt.

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"1992 saw a group of Leipzig trombonists and a drummer lay the founding stone for the "percussion + posaune: early and modern music" project. For those of you who don't speak German, Posaune means trombone.

As well as receiving teaching from music lecturers in Leipzig, the ensemble also took part in the "From Classical to Jazz" seminar led by David Taylor (lecturer at the Manhattan School of Music, bass-trombonist with the Charles Mingus Big Band) in New York in the summer of 1994.

Multipercussionist Wolfram Dix joined the ensemble in 2005.

The ensemble's repertoire ranges from the music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods right up to contemporary styles.

The ensemble's use of drums and percussion lends a special feel to pieces with Latin-American, jazz or blues elements, which have become a fixture in the their sets.