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Jean Paul Bourelly's 3Kings

Jean Paul Bourelly's 3Kings

Homepage: quasimodo.de


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Jean-Paul Bourelly's latest group is called 3Kings. The trio consists of drummer Marlon Browden (formerly with Nora Jones and John Scofield) and bassist Jonas "bibi" Hammond (former with Ali Hassan Kuban) and Bourelly's rhythmic meaty guitar.

3Kings music is a modern Next Step sound created from implusive poly-rhythms, amplified by a search for modern expression in the African diaspora. The music is open and each musicians has room for his distinctive sound to breath through, from Bourelly's voodoo-blusey avantgarde e guitar, Hammond's low-fi Nubian bass passages and Browdens poly-rhythmic, trash grooves.

3Kings merges their energies as master improvisors to mold their creations into something at once ancient, mystical and modern. Jazzy? Yes. Funky? Sure. But Bourelly is feeling this one under "Next step impulse music" (African diaspora).

3Kings projecting its sound onto the music world, makes its next step debut into cyberspace, with the jpgotmangos label and studio, where the band holds performance recordings, and releases them sporadically on the internet.