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Henrik Freischlader

Henrik Freischlader

Homepage: henrik-freischlader.de

Shooting star der deutschen Bluesszene!!

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Three instruments and one voice - this is enough to move the German blues scene. Henrik Freischlader (guitar/vocals), Oliver Schmellenkamp (bass) and Dirk Sengotta (drums) are regarded as one of Germany's best bluesrock bands. Due to their absolutely professional performances, the band has made it from a hot tip to "the hope of the blues in Germany" (Home of Rock) within two years.

The band demonstrates its passion for the blues in its debut album: Blues without any compromises. The CD exclusively contains original compositions, which stand firm under every critique. The band manages to put an electrifying curve of tension over the whole record, no matter if it's straight rock numbers with groovy influences of funk, swinging Chicago shuffles or authentic slow blues ballads. In their live performances, the audience can feel the band's unrestrained passion for creating music. Each member of the trio is incredibly innovative when playing their instruments so every single gig becomes a special event.

Henrik Freischlader, who is already known and celebrated in the blues scene, is considered an outstanding singer and guitarist. He does not only play the blues but lives it which explains how he is able to mediate an authentic and innovative performance without any unnecessary frills. His guitar "sounds hard as nails and clean at any time, his voice sounds like Eric Clapton after a widening of his vocal cords" (Home of Rock). Oliver Schmellenkamp plays the bass with an extraordinary stylistic diversity. As far as accompaniment and improvisation are concerned, he's got the feeling for new forms when playing together with the band. The educated professional musician has been in the business for a long time and can look back on a successful career not only as a musician, but also as a producer. He has, among other things, collaborated with Melissa Etheridge and Dido.

Dirk Sengotta is regarded as one of the best drummers in the scene. As a result of many live and studio performance experiences as a sought-after professional musician, the list of artists he has worked with is nearly endless. No matter what he's doing, whether it's about studio works with the Scorpions, drum workshops with Omar Hakim or countless live shows with blues legend Rufus Thomas - Sengotta inspires the music scene with incredible precision and a remarkable technique.

The Henrik Freischlader Band has so far played with or supported: Walter Trout, Bernard Allison, Ana Popovic, Jethro Tull, Randy Hanson, Aron Burton, Mike Anderson, Roy Herrington, Albie Donelly, Gene "Mighty Flee" Conners and many more.