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Dix, Wolfram

Wolfram Dix


Instrument(e): Multiperkussion

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Homepage: wolframdix.com

Wolfram Dix ist der Name eines Leipziger Schlagzeugers, der 2009 einen Teil seiner Reiserinnerungen im Selbstverlag veröffentlichte.
Mit Drumset, Holztrommeln, Rahmentrommeln, Bongos und Wavedrum bringt er sich freudig in improvisatorische Zusammenhänge ein.
Seit 1989 unterrichtet er Schlagzeug, Jazz-Percussion, Rhythmik und Improvisation an der HMT Leipzig.
2010 erschien sein zweites Soloalbum MONADE, welches mittlerweile vergriffen ist.

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Wolfram Dix has long been known outside Germany. He has been playing drums since 1970 and also studied at the Leipzig Hochschule für Musik.

As well as concerts all over Germany, Dix has played in France, Luxembourg, Montenegro, the Netherlands, the United States, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, China and Hungary.

He has taught drums and percussion at various institutes and in workshops for many years, and has been one of the busiest musicians in jazz and related fields of artistic endeavour.

In addition to his regular projects, he has played with such well-known figures as Etta Cameron, Richard Galliano, Herb Geller, Nina Hagen, Nigel Kennedy, Charlie Mariano, Wolfgang Schlüter, Jiggs Whigham, Leo Wright and Joe Zawinul. When not performing his own solo works, Dix's technical ability and proficiency make him the first-call accompanist.