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Roscam Abbing, Sietske

Sietske Roscam Abbing


Instrument(e): Stimme

Homepage: sietskemusic.com

Flagge englisch Sietske Roscam Abbing

Sietske Roscam Abbing (1985) brought out her first album in 2010 (entitled Outside) with the band Follow Alice, a soul-jazz oriented project with guitar-player Martijn Michel and herself at the basis of the creational process. While continuing her study (vocal Jazz performance) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam she was offered the opportunity to study in Philadelphia with some of the top musicians of the West-coast jazz-scene for a semester. While she was also working on her master research at the time, this period redefined her view on the music she wanted to make and perform. She graduated for her Masters degree in the spring of 2012. By this time she had developed and refined her style and also met the players with whom she formed this project.