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Niggenkemper, Pascal

Pascal Niggenkemper


Instrument(e): Kontrabass

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Homepage: pascalniggenkemper.com

Pascal Niggenkemper is a german-french bassist living in Brooklyn, NY.
He leads the following projects:
vision7: www. pascalniggenkemper. com/vision7. html
upcoming hurricane: www. pascalniggenkemper. com/upcoming_hurricane. html
PNTrio: www. pascalniggenkemper. com/PNTrio. html
pascal new field: www. pascalniggenkemper. com/new_field. html
baloni: www. pascalniggenkemper. com/baloni. html

Bandleader bei:

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Joe Hertenstein's HNH
feat. Pascal Niggenkemper & Thomas Heberer

"This is Hertenstein's debut as a leader, and what his trio brings here is a pure delight, finding an interesting niche of incredibly rhythmic free improvisation: the music swings from beginning to end, but then with the improvisational and sonic freedom of modern music, never losing the implicit pulse and forward drive that underpins every note they play. The trio leads us through abstract environments but the blues is never far away. "
— Stef Gijssels, 12/2010

Joe Hertenstein's POLYLEMMA
feat. Thomas Heberer, Joachim Badenhorst and Pascal Niggenkemper

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NY:
"Drummer, Joe Hertenstein produced, wrote the liner notes & half of the songs and led this session. Even at just 46 minutes, this disc is completely successful, ultimately crafty and often surprsing in direction throughout. "