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Gäbel, Denis

Denis Gäbel


Instrument(e): Saxophon

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Homepage: denisgaebel.com

"Denis Gäbel has perfectly captured the spirit of the master saxophonist Sonny Rollins on his expertly crafted recording "Keep On Rollin'". That he does so while maintaining his individuality is no minor accomplishment. I was quite impressed with his big sound, loose phrasing and overall confidence. After listening to this fresh outing from him I'm left with the impression that this is the start of a wonderful career for this talented saxophonist. To quote a theme song that I used to play

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The Good Spirits
The Good Spirits (3/2018)
Denis Gäbel Quartett
mit :
Denis Gäbel, Clarence Penn, Scott Colley, Kevin Hays
Ronda (1/2015)
Denis Gäbel Quartett
mit :
Denis Gäbel, Silvio Morger, Martin Gjakonovski, Sebastian Sternal