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Zanghieri, Claudio

Claudio Zanghieri


Instrument(e): Electric & Acoustic Bass

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Homepage: claudiozanghieri.com

Born in Rome, Italy. Berklee College of Music Diploma (1993). Live/Studio with M. Morandi, M. Rei, Bungaro; recording with F. Micalizzi and L. Bacalov; with E. Rivagli and S. Coen. In Germany with T. DeWinkel, C. Spendel, H. Wiberny (WDR BigBand), M. Minneman, R. Gustke, A. Neubauer, B. Sattler, M. Junior (Matalex). In 2006 he released his solo CD "Envisions" with T. Lakatos, C. Lohr and C. Micalizzi. He endorses Jacaranda Basses and SIT strings.